Frequently Asked Questions

What are your project turnaround times?

For full website and/or launch packages my turnaround time from booking is 4 weeks. This includes all research, strategy sessions and crafting the original copy for you. Smaller copy requests are subject to availability but can be turned around in as few as 3 business days.

You talk about copywriting and content writing services…what’s the difference?

Content and Copy are both very important when marketing a business, but they are distinctly different products. Let’s break it down:

Content writing is used to educate and engage your audience. This is that proactive value-add pillar of marketing where you are showcasing your expertise and growing a community. Content products include blog posts, articles, e-books, online guides or courses.

Copywriting is used to persuade and convert your audience from leads to clients. This type of writing can be found on website pages, landing/sales pages, product descriptions, email campaigns and more.

As a client, how much time do I need to spend on the project?

As soon as you book with me, I will send you a custom timeline for project deliverables. You will need to complete an onboarding questionnaire (budget about 1 hour to complete this) and a mid-project strategy call (again, roughly 1 hour). Once the project is complete, you will review your custom deliverables, but otherwise I will handle everything else.